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But we felt no hard sell at all. Quite the contrary, we felt like taking our glowing report card home to have Mom tape it to the refrigerator. Pedicures If we weren't so blissed out by the massage chair, the warm cream, and the hot towels at the upscale Red Door Salon and Spa, 42 Village Square, The Village of Cross Keys, 410 323 3636, we might've felt a little bit judged by our sassy pedicure artist. "Do you use pumice?" she demanded. Er, no. "Do you moisturize your feet daily?" Huh, people actually do that?So she demonstrated what a little tender loving foot care will do. By the time our pedicure was over, our nails were ruby red, our once callused feet were as smooth as a baby's bottom, and we felt like preaching the gospel of proper footcare to strangers on the street. Place For A Guy To Get Relaxed Individual LCD screens, movie screens, plush chairs, internet access, and a cold beer—are we in a salon, or a man's fantasy den?A little bit of both, as it turns out. That's the key to FX Studios, 11270 Pepper Road, Hunt Valley, 410 771 1500, which, since opening in 2004 a second location is due in Columbia in 2007, has encouraged many a formerly salon phobic guy to get in touch with their secret metrosexual. Of course, women love these perks, too—they're FX's fastest growing clientele. But fear not, Die Another Day is still more likely to be playing on the big screen than Steel Magnolias. havaianas flip flops amazon Encased in classical Art Deco design with its linear symmetry, Reverso embodies Jaeger LeCoultre’s spirit of invention, superb craftsmanship, meticulous precision and heritage. Specially commissioned for the British officers stationed inIndiain 1931, this horological masterpiece is designed to withstand the hard knocks of a polo game. Its swivel system allows the watch to turn 180 degrees within the case, protecting the watch during a game. Oozing the glamour of 1930’s, this timeless watch fuses technical mastery, functionality and aesthetics effortlessly. Rado’s distillation of purity of lines captured my heart. Its sleek, slinky bracelet slips on like a second skin.


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